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Oxlint Import Plugin Alpha

We are excited to announce an alpha release for oxlint --import-plugin, a port of eslint-plugin-import.

This port aims to resolve all known issues associated with eslint-plugin-import:

What's in the release?

This alpha release is expected to work if your project is in ESM (ECMAScript Modules).

If path aliases (e.g. @/foo) is required through tsconfig.compilerOptions.paths, the --tsconfig option can be used:

npx oxlint@latest --tsconfig ./tsconfig.json --import-plugin

The rules that are enabled by default via npx oxlint@latest --import-plugin are:

Rules that can be enabled selectively via npx oxlint@latest --import-plugin -D rule-name are:

There are also improvements to these rules; for example, the diagnostics for the no-cycle rule have been improved:

  ⚠ eslint-plugin-import(no-cycle): Dependency cycle detected
 12 │ import { createPaymentsFixture } from "../fixtures/payments";
 13 │ import { createBookingPageFixture } from "../fixtures/regularBookings";
    ·                                          ─────────────────────────────
 14 │ import { createRoutingFormsFixture } from "../fixtures/routingForms";
  help: These paths form a cycle:
        -> ../fixtures/regularBookings - apps/web/playwright/fixtures/regularBookings.ts
        -> ./users - apps/web/playwright/fixtures/users.ts
        -> ../lib/testUtils - apps/web/playwright/lib/testUtils.ts
        -> ./fixtures - apps/web/playwright/lib/fixtures.ts

This isn't a long list of features, but due to the complexity of the current state of the ecosystem, it requires a lot of effort to implement these rules and ensure they work correctly.

Over the past six months, we have worked in our spare time and successfully completed all the prerequisites for the --import-plugin to work:

  • a resolver for module resolution
  • a small "runtime" to maximize processing dependent files in parallel
  • a ModuleRecord data structure for storing import / export information, and its respective builder

How can I help?

If you are a project maintainer (a.k.a. configuration engineer) and lack the time or energy to keep ESLint and all its plugins updated, you may follow @brooooooklyn's lead and replace ESLint with oxlint in all his projects.

If you are an open-source enthusiast and are willing to help out, come talk to us on discord, check out the linter product plan and progress issue, or help by proposing new rules that were deferred.

If you are an engineering manager, or are willing to migrate your project to oxlint (with 330 rules and growing) to keep your infrastructure costs down, you may consider sponsoring so we can prioritize your project.

Please remember oxlint is currently community driven, I believe that with enough resources, we can make --import-plugin generally available in the next few months.

To start using oxlint, follow the installation guide or learn more about the oxc project.

Released under the MIT License.